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This is a very robust pre loader. It works in both ActionScript 1 and AS 2. It also woks in all versions of Flash from 5 up. It is the simplest Preloader that I have come across, which is probably why it is so reliable. It is straight forward to create and works. What more could you want from a preloader!!


There is nothing worse than having to wait for a Movie to load and not know what it is doing. Is it loading or has the web page crashed? A preloader resolves this. The viewer can see what is happening. It is particularly important for full page Flash movies such as the webwasp home page. This is the preloader that is used on the webwasp home page.


There are no Components used in this preloader so you have to build this preloader from scratch. This means that it takes a little longer to make but it also meant that it is a very lean and small file. Components save on build time but are bulky on file size.


Cross Ref: This tutorial was originally written for Flash MX. If you wish to view the original: Flash MX


Cross Ref: There are also several other Flash Pre-Loader tutorials on this site. To ensure that you are following the right tutorial for your needs, you may wish to read a brief description of each: Preloader Tutorial Listings



Example: Download the Flash file  Int 105a


Flash 8 example of preloader: Pancake Rocks , New Zealand.

Note: If you can see the photo and not the preloader press Refresh (F5) in your Browser. Once a Flash Movie has loaded the Browser may not truly refresh or re-load the Movie. Therefore if you did not see the preloader in action: Click here

The preloader displays the percentage of the movie loaded and a loader bar which gives a visual display of the percentage done.

Different ways of setting up a preloader:

  1. Total Load: The preloader described in this tutorial waits for the entire movie to load, then plays. This is usually necessary for games, which may not play correctly, if they are not fully loaded, or Flash movies that have most of the content in the first few frames.

  2. Partial Load: The preloader in the webwasp site, only loads part of the movie, and then goes to the content page. This means that even though the main page loads, about half the movie is still loading. Thus viewer may not see all the graphics, but they can navigate the movie, as all the menus are loaded. As they move around the remaining graphics load. It is a compromise between 'visual effect' and speed. I give an example of a partial loader right at the end of the tutorial.


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